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Sensonica is an international company established in 2017 by a group of scientists who research detectors and generators of non-ionised radiation.

We are

focused on life science fields such as healthcare, wellness, weather and agriculture, using research, making detectors, and through development of innovative wellness devices, as well as educating people on self-care and creating self-ecological surroundings all over the world.

We have the know-how to build devices that successfully work in situations where traditional detectors do not.

Devices produced by Sensonica are made using unique technology, secured by 4 US patents and 16 patent applications in the EU and the USA.

Weather, Biorhythms & Wellness

Great weather-detecting and prognosing influence of weather, biomagnetism, and non-ionized radiation on lifestyle and health.

Long living and life-quality

With Sensonica we want to make EARTH better.
We believe that science is the key.

Planet health

Struggling with hunger, deficient resources , lack of water, energy crisis, preventing technogenic influences, prevention of military conflicts – all this is Planet health.


Science has always been a key driving force behind progress. That is why science is at the core mission and why innovation and experimentation are part of our LIFE values.
The problems of our times will only be solved by solutions deeply rooted in science.
Our Mission


According to chronobiology (the science that studies biorhythms), most biorhythms can be externally synchronized. A wide range of stimulations can create this synchronization, including mechanical, optical and electromagnetic means.
There is an impressive set of theoretical and experimental data on chronobiology that states that most biorhythms are subject to external synchronization. As a result, we were able to develop a device that can influence biological rhythms.
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The first therapeutic device using Gertsenshtein waves.

Vega is designed and manufactured using the most modern technologies. Wellness effects can potentially help to fight a wide range of diseases. For now we are providing you help in fixing connective tissue problems like post-traumas, inflammation of joints and muscles, body issues that need comfortable rehabilitation.

With Vega treatment is a pleasure and can be done at your own phase and regardless of your physical location. Vega also provides preventive support before hard clinical symptoms appear.

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Lyrae device

Portable personal instrument to assess the incoherent effects of non-ionizing radiation.
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Vega Forte

Sensonica Vega Forte is a device for commercial use for doctors, masseurs and physiotherapists, designed for long-term continuous use. Vega Forte is controlled via a PC and can generate any treatment according to the therapist's preferences.
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